Age Of Kung Fu SEA Open Beta Test Release Date

The Open Beta Release of Age Of Kung Fu is coming. This blog post will tell you when it will happen. LOL!

WarpPortal Welcomes Filipino Players In Ragnarok Online 2

WarpPortal and Gravity finally allowed Filipino Ragnarok Online 2 players in their Ragnarok Online 2 Odin Server.

WTFast * Extend Free Trial - Not Using WTFast Crack In 2014

Now you can extend your WTFast 30 Days Free Trial without cheating or doing something illegal. LOL!

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Dragon's Prophet - Improved Ping With WTFast

Lagging in Dragon's Prophet? Improve your lag with WTFast!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Second Life Trolling, How To Stop Trolls From Ruining Your Day

Second Life Trolling, here is one way of stopping Second Life trolls from runing your day in Second Life.

Second Life Trolling, How To Stop Trolls From Ruining Your Day

Second Life is awesome not because of the adult content but because of the freedom it gives its residents or users. Unfortunately, some Second Life residents like to use this freedom to annoy, harass, grief or simply troll other Second Life residents.

Now, if you are a Second Life resident and you happen to encounter a Second Life troll then you should know that there are actions that you can do to stop him from Trolling you.

One of these actions that you can do to stop a Second Life troll from trolling you is by simply muting him. You see, muting another resident will stop you from hearing his voice, receiving his Instant Messages, seeing his messages in Local Chat, hearing any of his sounds and others. In other words, he'll be almost invisible to you.

Now, muting a Second Life resident or a Second Life troll is very easy, just right click on the Second Life resident or troll and choose Mute on the Pie Menu. The muted Second Life resident or troll will immediately disappear from your view.

Awesome right? Of course it is. Learning how to mute other Second Life residents or trolls will greatly improve your Second Life experience.

So, the next time you encounter a Second Life resident that is trolling you or annoying or causing you grief then simply right click on him, choose Mute to Mute him and say goodbye to your problem.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

STEAM Game Giveaway, Killing Floor STEAM Giveaway

Killing Floor STEAM Giveaway, this giveaway will give you a chance to win a copy of Killing Floor for your STEAM account.

STEAM Game Giveaway, Killing Floor STEAM Giveaway

So, what is Killing Floor? According to it's description, Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS taking place in the devastated cities and countryside of England, after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong.

You and your friends are members of the military, dropped into these locations with a simple mission: survive long enough to cleanse the area of the failed experiments. The only problem is, these experiments arent waiting to be taken out theyre coming for YOU!

I found Killing Floor in STEAM, bought a pack because I think it's a great game and, now, I'm giving a copy to you guys. If you wish to add Killing Floor to your Library of STEAM Games then simply join this STEAM Game Giveaway.

To join this giveaway, all you have to do is submit your entries in the Gleam Giveaway Widget below.

Also, because of the newly added STEAM Region Restrictions, this STEAM Game Giveaway is open to gamers and non-gamers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Terms & Conditions

☛ This giveaway is for the game, Killing Floor, in STEAM.
☛ This giveaway is powered by Gleam.
☛ This giveaway starts and ends on (please refer to the widget for the start and end dates).
☛ This giveaway will use Gleam to pick or choose a random winner.
☛ This giveaway is open to gamers (and non-gamers) in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.
☛ This giveaway's winner will receive the STEAM Key for the game via e-mail.
☛ This giveaway will not be responsible for the validity of the prize.
☛ This giveaway does not require any kind of purchase.
☛ This giveaway reserves the right to change the terms of the giveaway without notice.
☛ This giveaway also reserves the right to cancel or terminate the giveaway without notice.

This STEAM Game Giveaway is powered by Gleam. If you are thinking of doing a giveaway then why not do it with Gleam.

Buy Killing Floor

If you didn't win or if you don't want to join the giveaway but still want to play Killing Floor then below is the link to where you can buy the game.

• Killing Floor

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WTFast & Valve Anti-Cheat System Or WTFast & VAC Bans

WTFast and Valve Anti-Cheat System or simply WTFast & VAC Bans, will you get ban by using WTFast with Valve Games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

Some STEAM users are claiming that they got VAC banned because of WTFast. Unfortunately, this claim is simply not true.

To test if there was any truth to this claim, I played Counter-Strike Global Offensive in a VAC Secured Server and started it through WTFast. Guess what, I played for almost an hour and I didn't get a VAC Ban.

For those of you who don't know, VAC means Valve Anti-Cheat System and, from how I understand it, it will only ban you if you loged-in to VAC-secured server with a cheat installed in your computer.

Seriously, using WTFast will not get you a VAC Ban but cheating will. So don't cheat and don't install cheat programs like wall hacks, aim bots or whatever cheats that are out there.

As for those claiming that WTFast got them a VAC Ban, there is a very strong possibility that they were VAC Banned for something else like cheating.

In fact, maybe they were already VAC Banned and they're trying to get around it by using WTFast. Unfortunately, trying to get around a VAC Ban using WTFast will simply not work.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Heart Castle, New Mobile Game From Asiasoft

Heart Castle is Asiasoft's newest mobile game. If you enjoy playing Hello Hero then you might enjoy Heart Castle too.

Heart Castle, New Mobile Game From Asiasoft

Recently, I got an e-mail update from Asiasoft and it was about its newest mobile game called Heart Castle.

Heart Castle is a 3D role-playing mobile game based on the story of Alice In Wonderland. In this game, you will be able to explore Wonderland and battle, capture and collect hundreds of unique and cute monsters that can join you in your adventures.

Heart Castle is currently in Beta. If you are interested in playing Heart Castle during its Beta period then the link to where you can learn more about it is in the description of this video.

By the way guys, Heart Castle is currently only available to Android users but an iOS version is coming soon.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Underworld: Ascendant, Dev Promised Interview For $100 USD

Underworld Ascendant, developers promised an interview for a 100 US Dollar pledge.

Underworld: Ascendant, Dev Promised Interview For $100 USD

Guys, did you know that you can get an interview with the developers of Underworld Ascendant if you make a 100 US Dollar pledge?

This is not a joke. I was going through my Underworld Ascendant updates and I stumbled upon this story. It seems that a somewhat popular YouTuber made a pledge of 100 US Dollars because he was promised an interview  with the Underworld Ascendant developers.

Another thing that's interesting about this story is that he asked for a refund when he thought the developers backed away from the promise.

As you can see from the screenshot, he was asking for a refund because, according to him, the Underworld Ascendant developers reneged after getting his money and support and he just wants his money back. WOW!

Based on the tweets, it seems that the only reason this YouTuber backed or supported Underworld Ascendant was the promised on an interview with the developers.

If that is true then it's like paying the Underworld Ascendant developers for an interview. It also shows that the YouTuber is not really interested in the project. He's only interested in getting the interview.

I guess in the end the YouTuber got his interview, so my guess is, he won't be asking for a refund anymore but, still, the entire thing doesn't looked right.

Of course, I'm just basing it on the tweets. Will pledging 100 US Dollars get me an interview with the Underworld Ascendant too? I don't know and I'm not going to try find out.

If I'm going to pledge to a project then I will do it because I truly support it not because of a promised interview. Anyway guys, if you are a fan of the old Ultima Underworld games then check out Underworld Ascendant. The link is in the description of this video.

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SL Go By OnLive Now Accepts Linden Dollar Payments

SL Go by OnLive now accepts Linden Dollars as payment for its Second Life streaming service.

SL Go By OnLive Now Accepts Linden Dollar Payments

SL Go is a service provided by OnLive that will let you play Second Life anywhere and in almost any device. It does this by streaming the game to you from its cloud-based servers.

With SL Go, you'll be able to enjoy Second Life in ULTRA Graphics setting with speeds of over 50 frames per second. Sounds awesome? Yes, it is.

Even if you don't have a top of the line gaming PC, you'll still be able to enjoy Second Life in all its beautiful glory through SL Go.

Unfortunately, SL Go is not FREE. An unlimited access to SL Go will cost you about 10 US dollars monthly but, the good news is, SL Go is now accepting Linden Dollars as payment.

It will cost 650 Linden Dollars weekly for unlimited access to SL Go. Now, if this is something that interests you then you can create your free SL Go account in-world in Second Life.

Of course, if you want to pay with real cash instead, then you can do that in SL Go's official website. The link is in the description of the video below or you just click here.

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WTFast a SCAM, is WTFast really a SCAM?

Recently, a lot of people are claiming that WTFast is a SCAM and my reaction to those people and their claim is, WHAT???

First of all, WTFast is FREE. The reason why it's FREE is so that you guys can try it out first without costing you anything.

Now, if it works for you then you have the option to upgrade to premium or continue using it as a free user. So, my question to you now is this, where is the SCAM in that?

The reality is, there is NO SCAM. A scam is a deliberate deception to get your money. In the case of WTFast, there is no deception because you can use it for FREE giving you the opportunity to see if it will work for you or not.

If for some reason it didn't work for you then you can stop using it and it didn't cost you anything so there is NO scam. You weren't deceived and it didn't cost you any money because it's FREE.

Again, the reason why it's FREE is so that you guys can try it out first. If it works for you then you can either upgrade or continue using it for free forever BUT if it didn't work for you then don't upgrade and stop using it.

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Twitch.TV Hacked??? Change Your Passwords NOW

Was Twitch.TV Hacked??? If it was then stop watching this video and change your passwords NOW.

Today, I got an e-mail from Twitch.TV telling me about a possible unauthorized access to my Twitch user information. What???

The e-mail from Twitch.TV also said that it has disconnected my Twitch.TV connection to my Twitter and YouTube accounts and it also expired my password and that I'll be asked to change it the next time I try to log back in.

So guys, if you are a Twitch.TV user then I strongly suggest that you change your Twitch.TV password and, to be safe, all the passwords of any of your accounts that were connected to your Twitch.TV account.

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WTFast Unable To Connect To IDC Server

WTFast Unable To Connect To IDC Server, are you getting this message when using WTFast?

I've been using WTFast for a few years now and I don't remember getting a lot of error messages with it. In fact, I don't get a lot of problems using it.

That is why when someone asks me for a solution to a certain WTFast problem, more often than not, I have no answers or solutions to give because I've never encountered it.

Would I want to encounter any problems in using WTFast? Of course, not. I would never want to encounter any of the problems some WTFast users are getting.

Anyway, let's talk about this WTFast Unable To Connect To IDC Server. A few people asked me about this problem but I couldn't give any answers nor solutions to resolve it but, thanks mostly to Google, I think I know what's causing it.

After going through some of the links listed by Google Search, I think this particular problem happens whenever a WTFast server is down or when WTFast is doing maintenance on its servers.

So, my suggestion is this, if you suddenly get this Unable To Connect To IDC Server then simply wait a few minutes or even a few hours because the server could be down or WTFast is in maintenance.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse, Downloaded Earth's Special Forces Instead

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse, I was thinking of getting it in STEAM but I downloaded Earth's Special Forces Instead.

Dragon Ball Z was one of my favorite anime back in the 90s and I spent a lot of time playing those Dragon Ball Z fighting games in Super Famicom and Playstation.

When Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse was released in STEAM, I thought of getting it but I decided not to. Instead, I downloaded Earth's Special Forces which is a Half-Life Mod.

Downloading and installing Earth's Special Forces didn't cost me anything because it's FREE. It also didn't cost me anything to get Half-Life because I already have it in my STEAM account.

I may eventually get Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse in the future but, for now, I'm going to try and enjoy Earth's Special Forces.

Anyway, if any of you guys want to check out Earth's Special Forces then the link to its website is in the description of the video below.

Again, you will need the original Half-Life game to play Earth's Special Forces. If you don't have it then you can simply buy it from STEAM.

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