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Underspace, Fixed Cargo Duplication Bug And More » Kabalyero

Underspace, Fixed Cargo Duplication Bug And More » Kabalyero

Just recently, Underspace was patched with a Hotfix which includes the following fixes; options resetting on restart, optimization with storm effects to help with GPU load, starchaser ships properly colored, fixed issue with unstable jumpholes, fixed issue with campaign 10, storms properly saving, ships can now be optimized, fixed cargo dupe bug and some UI errors.

Now, if you are wondering what Underspace is? Well, it's a game I recently got for free from and it's supposed to be a spiritual successor to one of my favorite games, Chris Robert's Freelancer. Yes, before Star Citizen and before Starfield there was Freelancer and it was and still is a very good space game.

Underspace, Fixed Cargo Duplication Bug And More » Kabalyero

I've played Underspace for almost 4 hours and I'm happy to say that Underspace captured the feeling of playing Freelancer. The open space, the trade lanes, the jump gates, the look and feel, the dog fights, the style and a lot of other things. If you are a fan of Freelancer then there is a big chance you'll at least like Underspace.

One feature that I really like that was not in the original Freelancer game was on-foot exploration. Unlike in Freelancer, in Underspace, you are free to walk around in first-person when you're docked on a ship or on a planet somewhere. Although, it's somewhat limited.

Currently, Underspace is in Early Access in Steam and it's not a very expensive game. It will only cost you around $10 US dollars which is a very much better deal than Star Wars Outlaws.

Anyway, that's all I have for you right now regarding Underspace. If you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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