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Life Is Feudal MMO Is Back On Steam » Kabalyero

Life Is Feudal MMO Is Back On Steam » Kabalyero

Life Is Feudal MMO is back on Steam. I don't exactly remember why it was removed from Steam, but it's back now, and it's no longer buy-to-play. Playing Life Is Feudal MMO now requires a monthly subscription fee. Is this change in the payment system a good idea? I'm not sure, especially considering that Life Is Feudal MMO was never popular to begin with..

As a buy-to-play game, Life Is Feudal MMO only peaked at around 5 thousand players in Steam and, currently, Life Is Feudal MMO is sitting on a Very Negative rating in Steam. Gamers are not happy with Life Is Feudal MMO. Was it because of the subscription based payment system?

According to Steam, I played the game for almost 15 hours. Do I remember anything I did in Life Is Feudal MMO during those 15 hours? No, I don't, but I'm sure I would remember some things about the game if I were to play it again.

Unfortunately, I have zero interest in playing Life Is Feudal MMO again right now, but I might give it another try if the game relaunched as free-to-play. Who knows, it might still happen in the future, especially if this subscription-based system doesn't work out as they planned.

Games coming back after they've 'died,' like Life Is Feudal MMO, is not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone deserves a second chance even games but, coming back with a payment model or system that only works if you are a game called World of Warcraft, is not a good idea specially if it cost $20 freaking US dollars a month.

Anyway, that's all I have for you regarding Life Is Feudal MMO. Give them your money or don't give them your money. The power is in your hands, GO GAMERS! If you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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