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Advance Dino, New Free-To-Play Mobile Game Of Prehistoric Proportions

Advance Dino is a new free-to-play mobile game where you can control dinosaurs and take them into combat.

If you enjoy playing Clash Of Clans then you will enjoy Advance Dino. Advance Dino is like a town building game where you start with a small outpost and you build it up to become a bigger and powerful.

Advance Dino, New Free-To-Play Mobile Game Of Prehistoric Proportions

As you progress into the game, you will be attacked by enemies like the Tyranos so you'll need to build up your defenses as well. You'll also need to create your own Dinosaur army specially if you want to attack other Advance Dino players.

Advance Dino is available to both Android and iOS platforms. Just go to Google Playstore or Apple Appstore using your mobile device and search for Advance Dino.

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