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Shroud Of The Avatar Moving Away From RMT, Stopping Scams & Hoping For New Players?

So, you want to quit playing Shroud of the Avatar but you spent thousands of dollars buying all kinds of items in the game. Good news, you can recover and even gain a few dollars from your Shroud of the Avatar by selling either all your items or account to other players who are willing to buy them.

RMT or Real Money Trade (or Trading) is allowed in Shroud of the Avatar and, because of RMT, many players who quit the game and are now bashing it recovered most if not all of their monetary investment in the game. In a small way, they benefited from RMT.

Now, according to a post in Shroud of the Avatar's forums, because of players getting scammed by other players since the game went free-to-play, the developers are now planning on moving RMT away from Shroud of the Avatar's official forum.

What it means is, the developers are no longer allowing posts or threads involving any kind of RMT and they will start by removing all traces of RMT in Shroud of the Avatar's forum.

Also, it was mentioned that the developers never condoned RMT. They don't police it but they never condoned it. ironically,  they do have a couple of so called Trusted Traders who are officially allowed to engage in RMT.

I also remember the developers encouraging those who are not happy with the development of the game to just sell their accounts in the forum. I remember them saying that in their older videos.

If anyone wants to go through all of Portalarium's videos in Youtube then I'm sure they'll find it. There are also traces of the developers encouraging disgruntled players to just sell their accounts in the forums which is still RMT.

For now the developers of Shroud of the Avatar are not thinking of banning players involved in RMT but, with the way things are moving forward, I wouldn't really fully trust them with this because they can always do a quick 360 in the future.

So, if you are involved in RMT in Shroud of the Avatar, has a really really big cash investment in the game and not a Trusted Trader then, I guess, you can either risk losing everything or sell everything and cash out now before everything goes bonkers.

So guys, will removing RMT away from Shroud of the Avatar's forums bring in new players or will it just make more players quit the game and sell their accounts? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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