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Shroud Of The Avatar, Want An Empty Row House? PAY FOR IT!

Shroud Of The Avatar, Want An Empty Row House? PAY FOR IT!

Shroud of the Avatar is simply an amazing game and the developers are simply amazing as well. Why are they amazing? They always find new ways of charging or making money from their players like buying an Empty Row House that's already in the game and implemented on other Lot Sizes.

In Shroud of the Avatar, lots have different sizes. From smallest to biggest, they are the following: Row Lot, Village Lot, Town Lot, City Lot, Keep Lot and Castle Lot.

Except for the Row Lot that comes with a default Row House, all other lot sizes are set to Empty Lot by default and it's FREE but that will not happen for a Row Lot.

According to a post or discussion in the Shroud of the Avatar forum, for the Empty Row Lot to work, players will have to buy a new kind of Row House referred in the forum as an "Empty Row House".

Shroud Of The Avatar, Want An Empty Row House? PAY FOR IT!

So basically, it's like an invisible Row House and, my guess is, putting it on a Row Lot will render the Row Lot to appear or look empty. So, if you want an Empty Row Lot then you'll have to buy an Empty Row House. It makes perfect sense, right?

But, if that is the case then why does Empty Lots exists and available for free in other Lot Sizes. What makes a Row Lot different? Why can't it have an Empty Row Lot option like the other Lot Sizes?

The feature or the option is already in the game. So, why make it more complicated by adding a new type of house, which is an Empty Row House, just to get the same results?

I guess the answer is right in all our faces. Since, many players are interested in having an Empty Row Lot (myself included), having players pay for it makes perfect sense.

Why give the players what they want for FREE when they can take advantage of the demand and make money from it? That is freaking genius!

So guys, are any of you interested in playing or owning an Empty Row Lot in Shroud of the Avatar? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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