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BASEBALL STARS 2 Steam Key Giveaway

Update: Winner Announced and Prize Sent

The game of Baseball, I don't actually hate it but I'm just really not into playing it. In fact, I have an unused STEAM Key for a classic Baseball game in STEAM and I'm going to give it away to one of you guys.

The name of the classic Baseball game is BASEBALL STARS 2. It was developed and published by SNK Corporation and released in 2016 in STEAM.

BASEBALL STARS 2 has a Positive overall review in STEAM and it doesn't require a high end computer to play it. In fact, according to the Minimum System Requirements listed in STEAM, the game will run on a Pentium 4 computer.

Getting BASEBALL STARS 2 will not cost you a lot of money because you can buy the game in STEAM for about $4 US Dollars ( but if you are really interested in playing the game but don't want to buy it in STEAM then try your luck in getting it for free from in giveaway.

To join this BASEBALL STARS 2 Steam Key Giveaway, just get your entries by completing some or all of the tasks listed in the Gleam Giveaway Widget below.

BASEBALL STARS 2 Steam Key Giveaway

At the end of the Giveaway Entry Period, I will use Gleam to randomly select a winner from all the entries and e-mail the BASEBALL STARS 2 Steam Key to the winner. So, please use a real e-mail address.

So guys, have any of you played BASEBALL STARS 2? If you had played it then what do you think of it? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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