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11TH DREAM Is A HOT New Game!

11TH DREAM Is A HOT New Game!

I have a lot of games in my STEAM Library but only a few of them are what I would consider as HOT games like maybe Grand Theft Auto 5 and Skyrim. I guess the rest of the games in my STEAM Library are Warm at best.

Just recently, I got a Free STEAM Key for a game called 11th Dream. It's a new game in Steam and it's in Early Access which, basically means, it's still in early development.

So, 11th Dream is a fast-paced third person shooting game with bright, colorful and polygon 3D graphics. It looks somewhat weird but I guess it's just one of its charms as a third person shooting game.

Now, while I was in the game shooting at other weird looking players, I noticed something weird from my computer and that was my GPU temperature rose to around 70 degrees Celsius.

For a game that doesn't have the same graphics level of Grand Theft Auto 5, I somewhat find 70 degrees Celsius a little bit high for my liking. In fact, I've never seen Grand Theft Auto 5 raised my GPU temperature near 70 degrees Celsius.

Fortunately, 11th Dream is still in Early Access and, that means, the developers still has a lot of time to optimize and improve the game. Also, this high GPU temperature might not even be happening to everyone who tried and played the game.

So guys, are you interested in playing a HOT game like 11th Dream? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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