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How I Fixed My Blacklight: Retribution Launcher Problem

In my previous post, I wrote about how I can't play Blacklight: Retribution because of my launcher problem. This time I'm writing about how I fixed it.

After trying all the solutions that I found online and failing, I decided to try something different and it involved running the game without going through the launcher. In other words, running the game directly.

Blacklight: Retribution

I already tried this route before and it didn't work because the game was looking for the new updates or patches necessary to run the game. Obviously, I can't use the launcher to patch or update the game because it has problems launching.

How I fixed my Blacklight: Retribution launcher problem? This is how I did it.

To get around this problem with the launcher, I re-installed the game in STEAM and, after installing it, I created a shortcut of BLR.exe and used it to start the game. This is basically running the game directly but, because the game was freshly re-installed from STEAM's server, it didn't ask me to patch it or update it.

Before, running the game directly from BLR.exe didn't work because it's looking for the patches or updates but STEAM supplied the missing patches or updates when I re-installed it. I believe that STEAM's copy of the game is always updated that's why I didn't have to run the launcher to update or patch the game.

If you're a Blacklight: Retribution player and you're experiencing the same problem as I am with the launcher not launching then try installing the game from STEAM and see if running the game directly through BLR.exe after installing will work for you.

Are you playing Blacklight: Retribution already? If not then why not give it a try. You can learn more information about the game at

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  1. great information for those who loves doing this. I know some of my frends but not totally fond of this hehe i guess for guys only nice to know those informations also you're so good at this

  2. Do you know where i can get my hands on the latest patch updates for it though. Having trouble, steam won't update the game completely.

    1. This is what you're looking for


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