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Veteran Reward Package Received In Blacklight: Retribution

Hi everyone! Unfortunately, I haven't done any gaming lately because I have a ton of work to do. Right now, I have to finish a website for a client and I haven't even started on slicing the design. The design is finished and the client loves it but I still have to slice it and create HTML pages from it.

Gold Camo Blacklight: Retribution

If I can only make a living playing games then I can stop doing traditional work like designing and creating websites but, for now, that's where the money is. Anyway, I'm going to leave that behind and tell you something about my Veteran Reward Package in Blacklight: Retribution.

Well, it took me longer to get it and, that's not all, the darn thing also cost me $20 USD. I don't make a lot of money so I'm not supposed to spend money on the games I play but, I guess, it's also a way for me to support the game that I regularly play. I've been playing the game for free for several months now so giving back something is only fair since the developers spent time and money making it.

The Veteran Reward Package

The Veteran Reward package includes the following:
  • War Dog Emote
  • Gold Veteran Weapon Camo
  • Gold Veteran Armor Camo
  • Golden Zombie Girl Weapon Tag
  • Dog Of War Title 
What I really wanted in this package are the two Gold Veteran Camos because these two camos will make my character stand-out in-game. Unfortunately, it will also turn my character into an easy target because of it because the Gold camos are not just gold, they're metallic and very shiny as well.

Veteran Reward Package Blacklight: Retribution

I'm very happy to get my Veteran Reward Package from Blacklight: Retribution. It took a while before I could received it but it was okay because I was having problems launching the game anyway.

Now, my character is running around in-game shooting other players in his shiny metallic gold skinned armor and weapon.

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