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The Client Got Mad, Mission Failed 😞

The Client Got Mad, Mission Failed 😞

The request from the client was to eliminate a group of Super Mutants. I got the request from Joan in the Gun For Hire office which was just outside the gate of Diamond City. I asked Joan for an available job and she said she had a client waiting for me outside of the office.

I met, talked and accepted the request or job from the client. I tried asking for more caps or payment but the client declined. The client didn't want to give me any more caps. It was an unexpected response because my character had 9 points in Charisma but I digress.

We went to where the Super Mutants where located on foot. I did not use the fast travel feature because the location was very close to the Gun For Hire office. By the way, Gun For Hire is not just the name of the office, it's also the name of the Fallout 4 Mod I was using. The Gun For Hire mod added an immersive system for players to acquire missions or jobs from the people of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.

On the way to where the Super Mutants were located, our group encountered a group of robot lovers called Rust Devils. A fight broke out between our group and the Rust Devils. This was where the client got mad at me. What happened was this, the client was fighting a Rust Devil hand to hand. I tried helping the client by shooting the Rust Devil but the shot missed and hit the client instead.

The mad client started attacking my character and my team mates started attacking the mad client. Even still, I continued with the request. We got to where the Super Mutants were located and took all of them out while getting attacked by the angry or mad client.

Unfortunately, to complete the job, I had to talk to the client but, since the client was mad, talking was not possible. We tried to calm the client by force but it didn't work. The client just didn't want to talk to me anymore.

In the end, I had to abandon the job by reloading a previous saved file where the client was still not insane from anger.

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