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Old School RuneScape's BIGGEST Update Yet? Three NEW Skill Lines Revealed!

Old School RuneScape's BIGGEST Update Yet? Three NEW Skill Lines Revealed!

Jagex, the developer of Old School RuneScape, has unveiled three new potential skill lines for the popular game. The community will have the opportunity to vote on which concept should be implemented, making this a significant decision for the game's future.

The first concept is shamanism, which is a crafting skill that utilizes natural and spiritual components to produce items. This skill will allow players to gather resources from nature and craft powerful items that can aid them in their adventures.

The second concept is sailing, which will enable players to obtain a ship and explore the seas. This skill will allow players to engage in seafaring activities such as fishing and searching for creatures and exploration points.

The third and final concept is taming, which involves befriending and leveling up creatures. This skill will be different from summoning and will allow players to develop deeper relationships with their animal companions.

Jagex has emphasized that these are just preliminary ideas, and the community's feedback will be crucial in shaping the final product. They have encouraged players to voice their opinions and provide feedback on the proposed concepts.

This decision to introduce a new skill line is significant for Old School RuneScape, as skills are the cornerstone of the game. The game's complex skill system allows players to choose their own paths and playstyles, making each player's journey unique.

The community's involvement in the decision-making process is also notable, as it shows Jagex's commitment to listening to their players and giving them a say in the game's development. This level of transparency and communication is rare in the gaming industry, and it is commendable that Jagex is prioritizing their community's needs and desires.

In conclusion, the introduction of a new skill line in Old School RuneScape is a big deal for the game's future. The three proposed concepts of shamanism, sailing, and taming all have the potential to add depth and variety to the game. With the community's input, Jagex can ensure that the final product aligns with their players' wants and needs.

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