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Unleash Your Inner Hero Trainer with Lamina in this Epic Adventure Game!

Unleash Your Inner Hero Trainer with Lamina in this Epic Adventure Game!

Once a great hero trainer, Evolym had retired from her profession long ago. However, a bumbling mage named Neemu is in dire need of training to save his world. The only hope for Neemu is to seek the help of Evolym, but she cannot do it alone.

In this exciting game, you play as Lamina, monsters with a mysterious origin intricately connected to the island they inhabit. You must use your ghostly abilities to bring back the spirits of heroes past so that Neemu can learn from the previous generation.

As you discover what these ghosts accomplished to be held in such high esteem, you must also build your underground den to house them, complete with all their various personality quirks. This aspect of the game adds an interesting layer of depth, as you must not only train Neemu but also manage and care for the ghosts you bring back.

But Lamina is not alone in their journey. As you explore the island, you will encounter a large variety of animals, from kangaroos to owls to platypuses. You can control these animals and use their unique abilities to aid you in your quest. Or, if you prefer, you can use mind control to bring them back to your own little farm and create the cow level you've always wanted.

In addition to training Neemu and caring for your ghosts, you must also gather ingredients to assist the Farrow brothers in their unusual way of creating alchemy potions. And let's just say their method may involve more explosions than necessary.

Overall, this game offers a unique and engaging experience, blending elements of hero training, animal control, and potion-making. The graphics are vibrant and colorful, and the gameplay is smooth and easy to navigate.

Join the adventure as Lamina and help Evolym come out of retirement to train Neemu and save the world.

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