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V Rising MAJOR Free Expansion

Get ready for a bloodsucking good time, folks! The developers of the hit Early Access game, V Rising, have some exciting news for all you vampiric survivors out there. The team has been working hard on a major free expansion that's set to arrive in May, and trust us, it's going to be a doozy.

They've been busy tinkering with the jewels system, and they've come up with something that will make your dark desires come to life. No more restrictions, no more limitations - you'll now be able to slot your jewels into each spell and use them to your heart's content. And don't worry about losing your precious gems when you die - they'll stay with you until you're ready to swap them out.

But that's not all - the developers have also been working on improving the five prime schools of magic. Each spell will have its own unique identity, and the effects will stack, giving you more freedom to explore your options. And for all you blood magic enthusiasts, you're in for a real treat - the automatic leech effect is going to be a game-changer.

The team is also experimenting with a new system where you'll be able to claim plots of land, but they're still working out the details. So stay tuned! And remember, this update isn't the end - the full launch is still scheduled for 2024.

So sharpen your fangs, put on your black cape, and get ready to experience V Rising like never before.

V Rising MAJOR Free Expansion

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