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Hogwarts Legacy Meets Thomas The Train, Hogwarts Legacy Mods

Get ready for some magic and steam-powered adventure, because the Hogwarts Legacy mods have arrived! And, let me tell you, they're bringing a wild card to the table. Say hello to Thomas the Tank Engine, folks! Yes, you heard that right! Showie, the visionary creator, has transformed your trusty broomstick into the beloved locomotive, and you can now zip around the Hogwarts Legacy map in style.

Picture this: The Hufflepuffs gasping in shock, the Slytherins cowering in fear, and Hogsmeade shrieking in wonder as you blast through the air aboard your cartoon train. Sure, Harry may have his flying Ford Anglia, but it doesn't hold a candle to Thomas. With this mod, you'll be able to complete all those Hogwarts Legacy challenges in no time.

However, be warned, as Showie mentions that Thomas the Tank Engine in Hogwarts Legacy has a few glitches. But hey, where's the fun in a perfect world? Download the ThomasBroom mod, take a look at all the spells and gear up for some magical fun. Who knows, maybe someday we'll see a Quidditch match played aboard a fleet of Thomas trains. Now that's a spectacle I'd love to witness!

Hogwarts Legacy Meets Thomas The Train, Hogwarts Legacy Mods

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