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ArcheAge Unchained, Two New Fresh Start Servers for Unchained and a Concert

ArcheAge Unchained, Two New Fresh Start Servers for Unchained and a Concert

Get ready for some fresh start fun, ArcheAge Unchained fans! The game is bringing in two new servers for North America and Europe, and boy, are they ready to party! The land rush is starting on February 11th, so grab your virtual shovels and get ready to claim your piece of virtual real estate. And don't worry, if you're feeling lazy, character transferring will be available on May 4th. But be warned, these servers are only here for a limited time and will close their doors on June 29th.

Players on these fresh start servers will be able to earn double or triple XP, honor points, and vocation badges until May 4th. It's like getting a participation trophy, but better! And if you're feeling extra ambitious, graduation rewards will be available for purchase once you reach a certain level.

And as if all of that wasn't enough, this week's patch is bringing in some difficulty tweaks for the Abyssal Kraken, a boost for XP, loot, and point earnings until February 23rd, and the start of Aria's Concert event. The maintenance required for this new patch and the fresh start servers will run a bit longer than normal, but don't worry, the show must go on! So, buckle up and get ready for some virtual fun!

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