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Fallout 2 Remake RPG 3D, Early Access and FREE!

Fallout 2 Remake RPG 3D, Early Access and FREE!

I've never played Fallout 1 nor Fallout 2 and I just recently got Fallout 3 for free from Epic Games Store. I might play Fallout 3 but I can't see myself playing Fallout 1 nor Fallout 2 because I'm not a big fan of turn-based strategy games. I like real-time strategy games like Dune and Command & Conquer but, turn-based strategy games, not so much.

Speaking of Fallout 2, there is currently a fan remake of Fallout 2 and it's called Fallout 2 Remake RPG 3D. I gave it a try and it has that old school 3D style used in earlier 3D RPG games like Daggerfall, Meridian 59 and others.

Fallout: Conspiracy, Cover-Up, and the Deceitful Case for the Atom Bomb

Fallout: Conspiracy, Cover-Up, and the Deceitful Case for the Atom Bomb
WRITTEN BY: Peter Watson
NARRATED BY: Peter Ganim

The character creation was very Bethesda and the controls were simple and easy to learn. Unfortunately, I only spent a few minutes playing it. I basically just walked around, tried interacting with NPCs and even shot some of them.

Fallout 2 Remake RPG 3D is currently in Early Access and it's FREE. It might feel very barebones right now but it's very understandable why. Future updates and development will eventually turn it into a complete game one day.

Anyway, if you are interested in playing Fallout 2 Remake RPG 3D then here is the link to where you can download the game for free. If you like the game then please support the developer.

Also, if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below. Thank you for watching. Bye bye.

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