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Flying Bodyguard Out Now on Android, and GameJolt [Press Release]

Flying Bodyguard Out Now on Android, and GameJolt [Press Release]

Kelowna, Canada–December 19, 2022– Independent  game developer Aiden W. announces that Flying Bodyguard is now available on Android,, and GameJolt for $2.79 USD.

Flying Bodyguard is a single-player 2D adventure game with action mechanics featuring a short story told through cutscenes and gameplay. 

The game will feature a big sale starting on December 25th on all current available platforms.

The plot revolves around an unusual pair of characters who are bound by their protective instincts.

Flying Bodyguard can be played offline without internet access. It will soon be released on iOS also.

A free demo of the game is available on Android and


  • A single-player game.
  • Action mechanics.
  • A short story, shown in cut-scenes and game-play.
  • The game can be played offline without internet access.


  • GooglePlay
  • GameJolt

About Aiden W.

Aiden W. (developer and company name at the moment) is a new video game and app developer. He is keen on creating video games with engaging stories and gameplay, to keep the player intrigued till the end of the adventure. Action-Adventure is the main genre he is focusing on. However, Aiden is thinking of branching out to the horror genre at some point in time.

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