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DarKnot - Popular Among YouTubers

DarKnot - Popular Among YouTubers

DarKnot is a psychological third person survival horror game and it's very popular among YouTubers. That was according to the e-mail I received, recently. It was a very short e-mail from the developers of DarKnot. At least, I think it was from the developers because it was signed with the words "DarKnot Team".

The e-mail also mentioned that top YouTubers who tried and played DarKnot liked the game. These top YouTubers only showed the first location because the game is still in development. Right now, the game has four locations and one city in co-op mode. It's also currently in Early Access in Steam.

If you are interested in trying the game then you'll have to shell out at least $10 US Dollars. Fortunately for me, I don't have $10 US Dollars which means, even if I want to try the game, which I don't, I'm not getting it. This is a not a dig to DarKnot. I just don't have the money and I'm not a big fan of horror games.

So, are any of you a fan of horror type games? If you are then what are your thoughts on DarKnot? Is it a good game? Is it a bad game? Is it worth $10 US Dollars? 

Please post your answers, as well as, you comments, questions or suggestions in the comments section below.

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