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Isla Sinaloa! Living on an Island with Talking Animals and a Tent for a Home!

Isla Sinaloa! Living on an Island with Talking Animals and a Tent for a Home!

Recently, I played a game called Isla Sinaloa. It's an indie game and it's about living on an island with talking animals and a tent for a home which is what the title of this post is. LOL!

The game, Isla Sinaloa, is completely free-to-play and you can play it on your PC or on your mobile devices like tablets, phones, etc. The version of the game that I played was the mobile version and I used an Android Emulator to play it on my PC.

I didn't play the PC version because, I believe, the mobile version was smaller in size and I was running out of hard disk space. Yes, I'm still using a hard disk or hard drive and not an SSD because an SSD is expensive and I can't afford it.

Like most games, I was able to create my very own custom character in the game's Character Creator. I think I spent a good amount of time customizing my character and I was happy with the look of the character I created.

After creating my character, my character took a taxi that turned into a dolphin to Isla Sinaloa. I found out that Isla Sinaloa was located in a different universe and the taxi turned into a dolphin when it crossed the multiverse. That's not all, the people that introduced me to Isla Sinaloa turned into talking animals.

The first two activities that happened in the island were; 1. meeting the neighbors who were also talking animals and, 2. setting up a tent which was going to be my character's home in the island. So, my character left a wonderful home on Earth to live in a tent in Isla Sinaloa. LOL!

Later, the main talking animal named Juan asked my character to name the island and I gave the island the name of Avocado because there were avocado trees on the island. To celebrate the arrival of everyone on the island a Beach Party happened on the beach. Well, it was not on the beach but it was close to the beach. 

The next day, my character went to Bayou, another talking animal in Isla Sinaloa, to learn how to craft a stone axe. The stone axe looked more like an iron axe in the picture though. My character was tasked to collect sticks and stones to craft the stone axe.

Before I ended my first gameplay of Isla Sinaloa, my character spent time gathering hard and soft wood. These were important materials need to upgrade my character's tent home into a proper house made of wood. Obviously, an actual wooden house is much better than a tent.

Anyway, that's it for this post about my first Isla Sinaloa gameplay. You can watch the actual gameplay from the posted videos or you can go to my channel in Youtube, Rumble and even Bitchute. 

Will I continue playing Isla Sinaloa? I'm not sure yet. It's a cute game but I don't think I'm the audience for it. I think it's more for younger gamers but adults can obviously play it too.

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