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Nightmare, Survival Horror Game Releasing In STEAM

Nightmare, Survival Horror Game Releasing In STEAM

I just got an e-mail from Nightmare and the title of the email from Nightmare was Nightmare launching on Steam November 10. That was the title of the from Nightmare.

It said, "Hello The Kabalyero Show. We are excited to announce that Nightmare, a single player survival horror game, will be launching on Steam on November 10." And then they had this picture of something that looks gross and disgusting and I guess that was what Nightmare looks like. 

Continuing, "In Nightmare you will find yourself in a frightening dream. To live it, you must explore the environment, fight ghosts, collect and create items required for survival. The game features realistic graphics and high quality 3D songs, an unpredictable AI that will change tactics, becoming more aggressive and many more."

At the bottom it said, "If you want to play Nightmare in advance, please get back to me and I will forward a Steam key code as soon as possible." I'm sure it was a very interesting game, but the problem is, I'm not really into horror games. I did play Castlevania a long time ago, but I wouldn't really call that a horror game. It was more of an action platforming game than a horror game.

Obviously there are many gamers out there who enjoy playing horror games and they'll have another horror game that they can play and add to their horror games library. I don't know how much this game will cost on release, but you can check it out in Steam.

In fact, I did just that because there was a link up here at the start of the email. When I checked out Nightmare in Steam, the developers were currently doing a live stream of the game. Also, it looked like Nightmare was also an early access game, which means it's not yet complete. The game was still in its alpha stage. Maybe if you are planning on getting it, just be aware that it's an early access game.

The price of the game was not yet available or it was not yet listed. Obviously there were no reviews yet because again, the game was not yet released. The email said the release date is on November 10, 2022 but on Steam it said November 11. The reason for that was, the date was adjusted to my time zone. 

For those who don't know I'm in the future, I'm ahead of everyone else by at least 8 to 12 hours, sometimes 13 hours. That was why the dates were different. 

Anyway, that's it for Nightmare and if you are into horror games, you can check it out in Steam and I guess add it to your wish list and wait for November 10 for the game's release.

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