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Fallout 76 Gameplay, My Character Visited The Wayward

Fallout 76 Gameplay, My Character Visited The Wayward

In this Fallout 76 gameplay, I went to The Wayward and accepted a quest from the Bartender. The quest was about discouraging goons from annoying The Wayward but, to discourage the goons, my character must meet them first by tricking the goons about some non-existing treasure.

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While my character was building or doing some work on the CAMP, shots were suddenly fired from somewhere. After looking around, the shots were coming from an enemy NPC. This NPC was like a ghoul but different and it happened twice.

I guess, my character's CAMP in Fallout 76 was too close or too near the enemy NPCs territory or spawn area. Unfortunately, my character had no plans of moving to a different location for now.


My character went to The Wayward to complete a quest and, upon entering, my character was greeted by a somewhat aggressive situation. There was an enemy NPC threatening the bartender of the Wayward. My character distracted the enemy NPC and the enemy NPC was taken out by a friendly NPC.

The friendly NPC was a ghoul and this ghoul created Holotapes with information about building or using the CAMP system. Also, the bartender of the Wayward gave my character a quest to complete and the quest had something to do with the enemy NPC that was taken out earlier.

P.S. The Wayward is a bar in Fallout 76. 

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