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Elyon Update, Spend Money Get Points Claim Rewards

Elyon Update, Spend Money Get Points Claim Rewards

I got this e-mail from Play Park Inc. and the email was about Elyon. It's a new MMORPG published by Play Park in Southeast Asia and it was released some time ago. I did try the game, but unfortunately I was not into it. But I did enjoy playing it for the time that I tried it. After that I uninstalled the game and that was it.

As you can see, I'm still getting emails from Playpark Inc. because I did create an account for Elyon. Looking at this email from Playpark about Elyon, it says here, get massive bonus items when you collect points from every top up in Elyon. This was information about spending money on the game. 

Elyon is a free to play MMORPG, and eventhough it's free to play, it has microtransactions. And if you want to buy something from the microtransaction store in game, you'll need to spend money. If you collect enough points, you can claim a few desired bonus items.

Here we have a table of how many points and what items you'll be able to claim.

For 500 points you'll get to claim a Luminous Random Box. If you know what random means, it could be anything. Since it has the word luminous on it, maybe you'll get a random luminous item. I wouldn't know what a luminous item is, because as I've said, I've only played it for at least 1 hour or even less and then uninstalled the game.

For 1000 points you'll get a Moon Witch Hat, which is a cosmetic item. For 2500 points you'll get a Faint Luminous Box. So this time it's not a random box, it's more specific. So you'll get a faint luminous box and for 5000 points you'll get another Luminous Random Box.

What is the difference between the two luminous random boxes? If you have 5000 points, I think it's better to claim the 500 points ten times because you'll get ten luminous random boxes, then spending 5000 points to get one luminous random box. My guess is, there is an error here somewhere. But right now I'm assuming it's the same box because it's the same name. It's the same item, it has the same name. The two luminous random boxes, they have the same name. 

And then for 10000 points you'll get a Radiant Luminous Box. So it's not a random box, it's a radiant luminous box. It's more specific. I guess for the random box it could be anything. Maybe you'll get one gold, I don't know. 

Anyway, that's it for this update from Elyon and Play Park. Again, it's all about spending money and gaining points to claim desired bonus items.

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