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Shroud of the Avatar CTD, Starfield Land / Space Transitions, Star Citizen Released & Is It Free?

Shroud of the Avatar CTD, Starfield Land / Space Transitions, Star Citizen Released & Is It Free?

Shroud of the Avatar is crashing to desktop, how will surface to space transition be handled in Starfield, Star Citizen is released and is Star Citizen Free To Play? Find out everything in today's The Kabalyero Show.

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Shroud of the Avatar Crashing To Desktop

My installation of Shroud of the Avatar started to crash to desktop almost a month ago. Uninstalling and re-installing did not fix the problem because the game, Shroud of the Avatar, is still currently crashing to desktop.

Shroud of the Avatar crashing to desktop is currently happening to me and it sucks but what can I do. My guess is, my computer is not high-end nor rich enough to run a game played by less than a hundred players according to Steam Charts.

Will the developers of Shroud of the Avatar fix this problem? Well, if I'm the only one experiencing it then, my guess is, they will not bother fixing it but if a Shroud of the Avatar whale is getting the same problem then it will definitely get fixed.

Starfield Take Off and Landing Transitions Revealed

It's no longer a secret, Starfield will not have a smooth surface to space or space to surface transition like in Star Citizen but gamers are curious as to how Starfield will handle the transitions.

Well, you don't have to think about it too much anymore because here it is. This is how Starfield will handle the surface to space or space to surface transitions.

Of course, what you saw are not the final versions of the transitions. Starfield still has a year in development which means what you saw can change anytime in that period. Who knows, they might just take a page from Star Citizen.

Star Citizen Released

I don't strictly follow Star Citizen's development but, from what I know about Star Citizen, the game is still in Alpha. Yes, the game is playable but it's still in its Alpha stage.

Recently, I joked about Starfield spoiling the release date of Star Citizen and I was referring to the date shown in the Starfield gameplay reveal which was May 7, 2330.

Now, somebody replied to my joke with another joke and the reply was and I quote, "SC is released". I think it was a joke because everyone knows Star Citizen is a dream. It's a playable dream but it's still a dream.

Also, I think, the reply meant Star Citizen is in its Alpha release or Alpha stage which, I guess is, technically true. Star Citizen is in its Alpha release and it has stayed in that state for a few years now.

Is Star Citizen Free to Play?

While looking for gaming news in the internet, I came upon a post in a website asking the question and I quote, "Is Star Citizen Free to Play?"

Well, the quick and easy answer is NO. Star Citizen is NOT free-to-play. If you wish to become a Star Citizen then you'll need to buy, at least, a starter package worth either 45 USD or 70 USD.

I believe, either package will give you access to the game which is currently in a playable Alpha release state. If I'm wrong which is very possible then I suggest you check out the game's official website because it has a lot of information on how to get started.

Anyway guys, that's all I have for you today and if you have any comments, questions or reactions the please post them in the comments section below but please don't get mad if I don't reply to any of it.




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