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Make Starfield Co-Op (Gaming / RPG / Sci-Fi)

Make Starfield Co-Op

Starfield is a single player roleplaying game just like the Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series but adding a Co-Op system might benefit Starfield because of its size and scope. Besides, having Co-Op might make more players interested in playing the game specially those who enjoy playing with friends or other people. 

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Like most Bethesda Game Studios game besides Fallout 76, Starfield is a single player roleplaying game. It's not a survival game like No Man's Sky and it's not a space simulation game like Star Citizen. Starfield may have survival and space simulation game elements but, at its core, Starfield is a story driven single player roleplaying game.

Now, very recently, I came upon a petition in asking Bethesda Game Studios to Make Starfield Co-Op and the petition was started by someone named Chris Martin which, I would assume, is just an alias.

The petition states and I quote, "One of our times greatest RPGs was Skyrim. It was a beautifully crafted world that was vast but well sized for a solo adventurer. Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse into the the sheer scale of Bethesda’s new title - Starfield - I’ve wondered, “How can one truly explore all this game has to offer alone?” With that many planets and space to explore, you’d spent to what I’d guess is years to get it all done. In those years, I’d hope I had my best mate with me. Building a base together, or,  separately across the Galaxy. One doing combat missions while I farm for resources! The possibility is endless and Bethesda can make this happen with your support! Let’s not relive Skyrim alone this time, let’s make Starfield Co-op!"

Like the person who created this Make Starfield Co-Op Petition, I also enjoyed and still enjoy playing Skyrim for what it is, a single player roleplaying game. As for Starfield, I don't want it to change into a Co-Op game but I wouldn't mind having Co-Op or Multiplayer added as an option for those who enjoy playing with other players.

As I was creating this piece of content, the Make Starfield Co-Op Petition had only 49 signatures. If by chance you think or feel Starfield should become a Co-Op game or have a Co-Op option then check out the petition even though online petitions never really work.

Now, if you really want to get Bethesda's attention then join Starfield in Discord and start or join a discussion about having a Co-Op or Multiplayer option added to Starfield. If a lot of people get on board with the idea then just maybe Co-Op might get added into the game. If not at launch then maybe as a DLC in the future.




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