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Starfield Bad, No Seamless Ground To Space Transition

Starfield Bad, No Seamless Ground To Space Transition

Starfield will not have a seamless ground to space transition nor atmospheric flight but does not having it automatically make Starfield bad? 

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First of all, I don't think Starfield is bad. I think Starfield is pretty impressive. It looked better than previous Bethesda Game Studios games and I'm looking forward to building my own ship and visiting all those 1000 plus planets.

So, why is Starfield bad? Well, according to some folks in the internet, Starfield is bad because it doesn't have a seamless ground to space transition or atmospheric flight like the one found in No Man's Sky or Star Citizen.

Don't get me wrong, launching from the ground and flying to space through the atmosphere manually is an amazingly cool feature and I wish Starfield had it but not having it doesn't make Starfield bad automatically.

I have over 1000 hours of playing Skyrim. Traveling to various places on a horse is very cool but it takes a lot of time and that's where fast travel using the map comes in. Fast travel makes traveling to various places convenient, less tedious and not boring.

Starfield is a Bethesda Game Studios game like Skyrim and Fallout 4. It's very safe to say that Starfield will have a fast travel feature and, my guess is, most if not all players of Starfield will use it to travel from system to system and planet to planet.

Again, having a seamless ground to space transition is amazingly cool but I'm sure it will take a lot of time to develop it and make it perfect for players to consume only to use it a few times in a playthrough because, most probably than not, they'll just skip it and fast travel everywhere across the galaxy.

Starfield will not have a seamless ground to space transition or atmospheric flight at launch but it doesn't mean it will never have one. Like Skyrim, Fallout 4 and other Bethesda Game Studios game, Starfield is open to modding which means someone with modding skills can create and add the feature in the near future.

So guys, does it really make Starfield bad for not having a seamless ground to space transition? Post your answers, comments or reactions in the comments section below but please don't get mad if I don't reply to any of it.




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