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A Nasty Southern Nights In Second Life

A Nasty Souther Nights In Second Life

I just wanted to share this experience immediately before I forget about it because I'm just not good at remembering things anymore, unfortunately.

So, I started my day in Second Life by checking out the Lindo Virtual Flower location and I saw a couple of locations having an x2 event. I went to one of the locations and it was not a good location because it turned into a bad experience.

The location that I teleported to was called Southern Nights Country Club. As soon as I arrived, I was asked by Lindo Virtual Flower to join the group to participate in the event. So, I joined the group and tried to go to where Lindo Virtual Flower was located.

At that time, everything around me was still rezzing or loading. All the other avatars were still naked, in cloud form or invisible. The same was true with many of the objects around me.

Suddenly, without any reason whatsoever, I was ejected by an avatar named Snowblanket Resident and eventually got sent home. So, what did I do wrong? I have no freaking idea.

I came there for Lindo Virtual Flowers, I even joined the group as required and, a few seconds later, I was ejected and sent home.

In my opinion, it was NOT a good first impression of the place and, based on this experience alone, I'm not wrong to say that Southern Nights Country Club in Second Life is A NASTY PLACE.

Anyway, that's it for this Second Life experience and I hope you guys have a much better day in Second Life. Thank you and see you next time. Bye!




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