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CRYSTAL CRAZE - Earn Linden Dollars Collecting Crystals - Second Life (Metaverse / Play To Earn)

CRYSTAL CRAZE - Earn Linden Dollars Collecting Crystals - Second Life (Metaverse / Play To Earn)

A few weeks ago, I gave Crystal Craze in Second Life a try. Crystal Craze is a new land traffic generating game where you run around collecting crystals to Earn Linden Dollars.

To get started with Crystal Craze, you need to get two things and these two items are the Crystal Craze HUD and the Crystal Craze Basket. You can get both these items from the Crystal Craze HQ in Second Life.

After getting the Crystal Craze HUD and Basket, you need to wear both items. Clicking on the landmark icon on the HUD will open the Crystal Craze location window. Clicking on a location will teleport you to that location.

At the location, you will find crystals of different colors spawning all over the place. All you have to do is run around and collide with the crystals to pick them up. You'll continue to do this until the crystals stops spawning and when that happens you will need to find and go to a different Crystal Craze location using the Crystal Craze HUD.

Once your Crystal Craze Basket is full of crystals, you'll need to turn them in and you do that at Crystal Craze HQ. After turning in your crystals, you can either continue collecting more crystals or you can convert your crystals into Linden Dollars and withdraw them from the system using the Crystal Craze ATM.

Just a little warning to those concerned with privacy, Crystal Craze has an anti-ALT system which means you are giving Crystal Craze permission to grab your IP Address and connect it to your avatar's name. If you don't want to give Crystal Craze your actual IP Address which can be used to track your real world location then I suggest you use a VPN like VyprVPN.

Anyway, that's all I have for you about Crystal Craze in Second Life. If I miss anything or if you have any questions about Crystal Craze then I'm sure the creator of Crystal Craze will happily answer all your questions for you.

With that said, thank you and see you next time.




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