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Amazon's Lost Ark Blocked Players From The Philippines, Use A VPN To Bypass The Block

Amazon's Lost Ark Blocked Players From The Philippines, Use A VPN To Bypass The Block

Lost Ark is a Korean free-to-play MMORPG and it has an official English language server published by Amazon Games but it's only available to a few regions like North America, South America and Central Europe.

Players from outside these regions are blocked from accessing and playing in the English language server of Lost Ark which means players from the Philippines will have to use a VPN like VyprVPN to play the game. 

On the official game forum, a user noted: "Lost Ark [English language] is blocked because of DMCA strikes for content copyright violation. They are currently reviewing cases for one million + IPs. This is based on the IPs in the table below.

"However, IPs are only part of the content. Because the IP is not required in this, they could find more serious cases from [the] servers' database.

"Due to DMCA strikes, they are requesting that users are sent a message to ban in order to preserve their rights in case the IPs get banned.

"Lost Ark requires you to have a permanent IP, which requires a permanent account, to play the game. So for now, until the situation is resolved, the game is currently unavailable in Philippines (our IPs are listed below).

"They also mentioned that if your IP was not deleted, you may receive a message asking you to prove that your IP was not the one in the above mentioned table.

"Please do not reply and just wait until they are finished reviewing IPs in order to restore the game. I would not advise trying to play a different region's version of Lost Ark at this point. They also stated that all IPs for this IP ban could be replaced once their IP ban is lifted."

Even if players from the Philippines need to play Lost Ark on a different region's servers, the most important thing is to know how to bypass the IP block. Luckily, there are different ways to get around IP ban:

1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

2. Firewall

3. Disable Alexa (aka Internet Sensation, etc)

4. Firewall

First, users from the Philippines can download VyprVPN for free and connect to an unblocked server outside the Philippines.

Secondly, gamers who want to play Lost Ark on the unblocked region can use a VPN like VyprVPN to allow players to bypass the IP block.

Users from the Philippines will need to download the following VyprVPN configurations:

VPNs are an important tool for players from any region since they help them connect with players from other regions. If users from different regions on a gaming platform like Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox or Steam can't connect with other gamers from different regions, gaming will be affected.

VPNs protect gamers from their IPs being blocked while also allowing them to play in any region on a gaming platform.

Once a player has an IP block on his/her region, he/she can use a VPN to connect to a gaming platform from another region and play the game without being blocked.

Of course, the gaming platform also needs to have access to all gaming platforms, so the second part of the puzzle is to get that access.

How to bypass an IP block on gaming platform:

This is a very hard problem for companies and gaming platforms. So far, the only solution that has been proven effective is a VPN.

VPNs act as a tunnel that allows users from any region to connect to any gaming platform from another region and play the game.

1. Download VyprVPN for Free

2. Select Free Plan (just use coupon code FreeBit)

3. Connect to the server you prefer (see the list of supported servers at this link).

4. Select country/region you wish to connect to.

5. Choose server in the chosen country/region.

6. Select server from the list that connects to your chosen country/region.

7. Click Next to Connect.

8. Make sure VyprVPN is enabled on your gaming platform.

9. Enter the game details to play the game.

10. Check VyprVPN service is not turned off or running in the background.

11. Enjoy the game you have paid for.

To access a game that has IP block, users from all over the world are required to make a special request for game transfer from the gaming platform to the platform that has access to the game (a.k.a. server). The gaming platform will then send the IP address to the server and users can connect.

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