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MIR4 And The Decreasing Value Of The DRACO Token

MIR4 And The Decreasing Value Of The DRACO Token

DRACO is a crypto-based token obtained by smelting Darksteel and Darksteel is obtained by mining for it in MIR4. In the early days of MIR4, mining for Darksteel was a profitable venture but, now, mining Darksteel with just one account is almost a total waste of time.

Since the MIR4 genesis block, the value of DRACO is going down at a very fast pace and the main reason for this is the high price of metals and the rise of Chinese steel production.

With rising prices of Chinese steel production, the cost of MIR4, too, is increasing. What gives?

In the early days, DRACO was obtained almost as fast as it was created. But with rising costs of steel and metal production, the value of DRACO is going down and soon, there will be no reason to mine it at all.

This is a worrisome trend. The Chinese economy may suffer from this ‘new normal’ for many years to come. The cost of steel production is bound to go down dramatically in China and, in a few years’ time, DRACO will be worthless.

So, where to now? How can MIR4 stay the same value of when it was founded?

If the mining difficulty keeps increasing at the current rate, it will be virtually impossible to mine DRACO using one computer. According to statistics, there are less than 2,000 miners with their computers running on full power. The mining of DRACO has become a pretty much useless endeavor.

An extremely strong approach to keep DRACO around is a virtual currency using an ERC20 token, called DarksteelCoin.

DarksteelCoin is a blockchain coin with a value comparable to DRACO and it has already a market cap of over $200,000,000.00. The way it works is like this: you have to mine DRACO in MIR4 but, DarksteelCoin is paid in DarksteelCoins, which are also used to purchase goods in stores.

With DarksteelCoin, you can also become a smart-contract creator. A very strong advantage of DarksteelCoin is that it’s a kind of reward token. Its creation also happens through a special kind of mining process.

In the past, mining DRACO was profitable. It was almost impossible to mine DRACO with one account but now, it is almost pointless.

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