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Lyka Games Review I PARKOUR CLIMB (Gaming)

Lyka Games Review I PARKOUR CLIMB (Gaming)

Parkour Climb is one of many games available in Lyka under its Lyka Games section. It's a simple and easy game to play but I don't think it's easy to master specially if you have bad timing.

In Parkour Climb, the objective is to climb as high as you can while avoiding obstacles like sign posts, pipes and all things you'll usually find on sides of buildings.

You see, your player character is actually climbing a building wall like Marvel's Spider-Man and you avoid obstacles by jumping between two walls.

Unlike Spider-Man, your player character is not equipped with a web shooter. Hitting an obstacle means death by falling or, in other words, game over.

Controlling your player character is simple. All you have to do is tap your scren to make your player character jump from wall to wall.

Along your climb, you'll find special items that will help you in your climb like a barrier and a jetpack.

Now, I don't think Parkour Climb has an ending. I think it ends when your character falls but you can start over and over again.

Like other unending games, the actual goal here is to continously beat your highest score which means your only opponent is yourself.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure how Lyka Games work but I do know that you can compete with other Lyka users by betting or using tokens.

Sadly, I haven't tried this system yet because I'm not a fan of gambling and I don't have tokens to use.

Still, you can play Parkour Climb without using any tokens. Just create a free Lyka account and play the game.

So guys, are any of you familiar with Lyka or Parkour Climb? Post your answers, questions or reactions in the comments section.

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