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Black Desert Mobile Gameplay [21.4.7-5A] Calpheon Shrine, Game Crashing and Tentacles! 😳

Black Desert Mobile Gameplay [21.4.7-5A] Calpheon Shrine, Game Crashing and Tentacles! 😳

Black Desert Mobile, the critically acclaimed sandbox MMORPG brought to your fingertips on mobile. Indulge in the vast immersive world full of unexpected surprises and breathtaking action. 

In this Black Desert Mobile gameplay / let's play:

Using 2 items, I increased my inventory by 200LT. I just don't know if the upgrade was permanent. I hope it was permanent because it would suck if it wasn't. LOL

In the camp, I upgraded the refinery, extractor and blacksmith. I couldn't upgrade the alchemy lab because I was lacking wood.

At around 20 to 30 minutes, the game crashed after I exited the mode manager. The game frozed and then crashed.

My quest took me to Calpheon Shrine Site and fought warriors, priest and other enemies. Even tentacles appeared and attacked my character. 

One of the quest had me battle 500 Calpheon Shrine Priests. It took me a few minutes to finish but I finished the quest before the hous ended. 

In the end, I battled the high priest Bacho Ladericcio and won but that was not the end of the story. The story moved on to a new area. An area where gargoyles roam the land.

Black Desert Online is free. You can download Black Desert Mobile from GooglePlay and AppStore.

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