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Popular Shroud of the Avatar Fansite Went Bye Bye [Gaming]

Popular Shroud of the Avatar Fansite Went Bye Bye [Gaming]

It has been a while since I last uploaded a video and, sadly, I'm still doing it on a phone but I digress.

For my first video of 2021, I'm happy to say that it has something to do with 2020's best mmorpg, Shroud of the Avatar.

I guess it's not directly connected but somewhat related to Shroud of the Avatar and it's really not that important.

For those who care, it seems that one of Shroud of the Avatar's more popular fansite called went offline or said goodbye recently.

The reason for the closure or shutdown of the fansite was posted in Reddit and I quote...

"Traffic is not up or down for the site.  It's around where it has been for the last year."

"Unfortunately, that is not enough to support the cost of the site."

The closure of is definitely a big lost to the thousands of Shroud of the Players who were using the site every day but it's also an opportunity to those who are looking into starting their own Shroud of the Avatar fansites.

With the increasing popularity of Shroud of the Avatar, displaced users of will surely look for a new place to hangout and receive their daily Shroud of the Avatar fix.

So guys, were any of you affected by the shutdown of

Post your answers, comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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