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Build and Discover America [Press Release]

Build and Discover America

Build and Discover: America is a newly announced game by the publisher and producer, Angry Bulls Studio.

The game is compared to Tropico in the wild west or something like Anno but with cowboys.

B&D is a mixture of real-time strategy game genres combined with a country building simulation and strong economic elements, all based on the real history of the USA.

View the latest Build & Discover trailer:

In the game, we will be responsible for the development of the newly discovered continent, and it will only depend on the player whether all the states will unite and whether he will be able to build the power of the US as we know it today.

As the game progresses and time passes, we will have the opportunity to set up world-famous structures such as the U.S. Congress or the Statue of Liberty.

The developers ensure that in the final version of the game there will be more characteristic buildings.

In addition to the player’s responsibility for the policies and economy of the country he creates, the player will have to face problems that are beyond his control – such as battling the forces of nature. At an early stage, it will be only wild animals but later will come earthquakes, tornadoes or floods..

Directing people to various jobs such as hunting, construction, discovering new areas, obtaining resources will be your daily responsibility.

The player will have a choice of different development paths in the game.

Will you focus mainly on building a strong army or diplomacy?

(Hint: one does not exclude the other)

In the game, we will have the opportunity to develop road, water and rail transport.

Create gold mines. Protect villages and caravans from attacks.

The player will have to make tough choices. Requests from other states for help, expeditions, confrontation of ethnic minorities, civil war…

To sum up, Build & Discover is a strategic game that, although it is based on a true story and real events, leaves a lot of freedom and choice for the player to act, so many events may look completely different than those in history books.

Features of the game:

- economic and political development of the new territory

- building a strong state based on three pillars: transport, law and industry

- changing latitude-dependent environment

- storyline based on historical events

Steam page:

The developers invite everyone interested to visit the game’s page on Steam and add the title to your wishlist to keep informed of the game’s development phase.

The game is planned to be launched in 2022, first on PC.

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