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Let's Play Toram Online Mobile [Episode 1] NEWBIE CHARACTER | FRESH ADVENTURE

Let's Play Toram Online Mobile [Episode 1] NEWBIE CHARACTER | FRESH ADVENTURE

Toram Online Mobile is free-to-play non-autoplay mobile fantasy mmorpg from Asobimo. Toram Online is also the sequel to another Asobimo fantasy mmorpg callef Iruna Online which is also available in mobile.

In this Toram Online Mobile gameplay, I created a character and started my adventure. The character I created was a male sword user and named him KABALYERO.

Toram Online Mobile's character creator was very simple and easy to use but it had a good amount of options to choose from specially the character's hair options.

My character appeared out from nowhere in Toram Online and found a camp where he met a few non-player characters, most notably Tenert and Libera.

Libera helped my character learn the basics of the world but their meeting was shortened when a dragon appeared. Tenert and Libera fought the dragon and they asked my character to escape to Sofya.

The real adventure started in the city of Sofya. My character started doing quests given my non-player characters. The first hour ended with my character grinding the Excavated Golem for levels and ecperience points.

You too can play Toram Online Mobile on your mobile devices for free. you can also play Toram Online Mobile on your computer using an Android Emulator like LDPlay. Download for free (

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