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Today at 4 PM Second Life Time in Second Life, Rogue Wrestling Alliance or simply RWA will give us a Second Life Wrestling spectable called SOLAR FLARE.

In today's RWA SOLAR FLARE, Second Life Wrestling fans will get to see the following amazing matches:

• RWA World Heavyweight Champion Stone will defend his title against Alijah The Giant.

• The Tomahawk Henry Parker will face Kailen Rayne in a match never before seen in Second Life Wrestling history.

• Ellie Embers will face Lia West to settle their differences in the ring with physicality and not with words.

• RWA Women's Young Gun Champion Allira Kytori will defend the title against Sajana Dubai.

• RWA Men's Young Gun Champion TJ Aquillius will defend the title against Zachary Aquillius.

• The Drifter Malaki will face Shiryo in the ring but only one of them will come out the victor.

• Pasta Lopez will face The White Rose Avarice Askham to settle a feud like no other.

• and the Main Event of RWA SOLAR FLARE 2020 will feature the RWA Women's World Champion The Gamer Girl Sybille Halsey as she defends her title in a Gauntlet Matchs against Unknown opponents.

All these exciting SOLAR FLARE matches are happening today at the RWA Roguehouse in Second Life at 4 PM Second Life Time.

Watching RWA SOLAR FLARE is FREE. Just drop by the RWA Roguehouse to watch and enjoy the show.

If you don't know where the Roguehouse is in Second Life then use this link (

So guys, are all of you ready for todays RWA SOLAR FLARE in Second Life? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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