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Chris Jericho Responded To SJW! Tested Negative 12 Times!

Chris Jericho Responded To SJW! Tested Negative 12 Times!

The Demo God, Chris Jericho, recently had a concert tour with his band FOZZY and the SJWs in Twitter bashed him for it. He was even called the Covid God by one SJW.

The SJWs claimed that Chris Jericho was going to spread CV19 to other AEW stars back in Florida.

To be fair to the SJWs, it was a legitimate concern but, it was also common knowledge to everyone that AEW stars are tested for CV19 everytime they do a show.

My guess is, these SJWs didn't really follow nor watch AEW because if they were then they would know about the CV19 testing of AEW stars.

Obviously, Chris Jericho wasn't exempted from the CV19 test and, of course, if he was tested positive then he wouldn't be allowed to perform nor be even near other AEW stars.

Chris Jericho replied to the SJW in Twitter and I quote, "Sorry pal. Tested Negative with the swab for the 12th time.... WINK and KISS emoji".

So guys, what are your thoughts about Chris Jericho testing negative 12 times? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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