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#NowPlaying Valorant and, in this #Valorant #Gameplay, I played a little over an hour. I played Spike Rush and Unrated. I also had a somewhat laggy but playable experience.

1:55 - Spike Rush Match

The game mode was Spike Rush which is a little bit faster version of Unrated. The Agent I used or selected for the match was Breach because I like his skill sets. The map for the Spike Rush match was Ascent.

6:50 - First Kill / Blind Kill in Spike Rush

After getting a couple of times, I finally got my first kill in Valorant Spike Rush match. I was lucky when my bad aim got me a kill. I also immediately got a blind kill which was killing without seeing the target.

8:15 - Burned Alive

It was very unfortunate but I got burned alive and died. I guess, you can say, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time because that flame ignited exactly where I was.

10:00 - Two Kills In A ROW

Something that doesn't always happens and that's getting multiple kills in one round. Not getting any kills in a round is very, very common.

14:30 - Appeared From Darkness

While I was picking up an orb, an enemy player came out of the dark sphere in-front of me and started shooting. He was killed by one of my team mates but I died as well.

17:00 - Spike Has Been Planted

Got a chance to plant a spike but I was killed right after when an enemy player appeared out of nowhere shooting. I managed to shoot back but I think I missed all my shots.

21:10 - Player Cards & Title

I have no idea what a Player Card and a Title do but I equipped them on my account. My guess is, they're just for additional design and customization and do not impact the Valorant's gameplay.

24:55 - Unrated Match First Round

I started another match but this time it was an Unrated match. The first round, as always, was a pistol round and I traded shots with the enemy. Killed one of them but I was also killed immediately after.

28:10 - One Kill. Two Kills.

Another two in a row kill which is a very rare thing because I'm really bad at first person shooting games like this. Thankfully, the shotguns in Valorant are very noob friendly. LOL!

39:15 - Died But WON

With the Spike planted, it was a two against one. Fortunately, the Spike was counting down. I took down one of the enemies but failed in killing both. We still got the win when the Spike ignited.

50:20 - Blinded By Team Mate

I got blinded by a team mate and, because of that, I got killed. Blinding enemies is okay but blinding team mates is NOT.

56:55 - Behind The Back

I was patiently waiting within a very small cover when an enemy player came running through. The enemy player tried to gather the orb but got shot from behind.

1:03:05 - Shot Through The Wall

I used a skill to shoot through the wall but it did not hit the enemy player. Instead, the enemy player came out and got killed with my shotgun. A few seconds later, another enemy player appeared and took a faceful of pellets.

1:10:25 - Lost The Match

We lost the match because the enemy team made a comeback but I think I played well in the match. Of course, my playing well means nothing for good players. LOL!

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