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GODDESS: PRIMALCHAOS Gameplay on PC (Hour 2) • Character, Tutorial and Heroes!

GODDESS: PRIMALCHAOS Gameplay on PC (Hour 2) • Character, Tutorial and Heroes!


#NowPlaying Goddess: Primal Chaos and in this #GoddessPrimalChaos #Gameplay, I created a new character and went through the tutorial of the game.

0:40 - Creating A New Character

I created a new character and my new character was a female warrior. The choices were warrior, summoner and bloodline. I went with warrior since it's my favorite class.

4:25 - Auto Questing

Goddess: Primal Chaos has an auto-questing feature which means I just have to click on the quest tracker to make my character move through the quest objectives and complete them.

7:10 - Adding Movement Controls

The android emulator did not set a default control for Goddess: Primal Chaos. I had to set the controls manually to make my character move around the screen.

8:10 - Boss Fight Tyrant Phissis

I arrived where the Boss of the dungeon named Tyrant Phissis was located. It was an easy battle because it was still part of the game's tutorial.

10:10 - The Chosen Warrior

Moon Goddess: Anna called my character the Chosen Warrior but that was a Big Fat Lie because there were chosen warrios, chosen summoners and chosen bloodlines running around everywhere.

10:40 - Smashed An Egg

The Elder Fairy wanted me to smash an egg and so I did. I smashed the green colored egg and got a hero named Swiftwind Elf Sif who looked very much like the Elder Fairy.

13:50 - Boss Fight King Arthur

The boss was King Arthur and this was another easy boss fight because it was still part of the game's tutorial.

15:00 - Dragon Coin Push Game

A game where you drop coins to push other coins forward. If you dropped enough coins then it will push the gold coins forward and down the edge for you to collect them.

16:05 - Strengthening My Sword

Using the Forge or Forging, I made my sword better by spending gold on it.

17:55 - Auto Battle Enabled

Besides Auto-Questing, Goddess: Primal Chaos had an auto-battle feature and it activated at level 6. With auto-battle turned on, I don't have to do anything besides watch my character play itself.

19:35 - No Stat Points To Allocate

Mobile MMORPGs like Goddess: Primal Chaos don't have stat points to allocate to your characters. Unlike, traditional or older MMORPGs where you can build unique characters by allocating stat points.

21:55 - Boss Fight Magician Samuel

This was another easy boss battle made even easier by the auto-battle feature.

23:05 - Claimed Spectresteed

Spectresteed is a free horse or free mount in the game. Having spectresteed made travelling a little bit faster and cooler to look at.

24:15 - Claimed Goddess Wings

A pair of very nice looking wings but valid for only three days. It was a temporary reward but it did made my character look a lot better.

25:40 - Smashed A Green And Blue Egg

This time I smashed not just a green egg but a blue egg as well. Smashing the green egg gave me a hero named Guardian Oscar and smashing the blue egg gave me a hero named Fiery Lavoisier.

29:55 - Freaking Game Bug

A weird display or graphics bug happened. My character was riding on air and, because of that, I couldn't do anything not even interact with the quest tracker.

31:45 - Space The Final Frontier

The display but did not only make my character float on air. It also made my character travel into outer space.

32:15 - Smashed The Purple Egg

I got a chance to smash the purple egg and the purple egg gave me a Grade S or S-Grade hero named Nimue.

36:25 - Exited To Fix The BUG

Since I couldn't really do anything with the bug, I decided to exit the game and start the game again to see if doing that will fix the bug and fortunately it did.

38:25 - Boss Fight Tyrant Phissis

Well, I had another boss fight with Tyrant Phissis. It looked like the first boss fight with Tyrant Phissis did nothing to him.

Anyway, I ended the gameplay a few seconds before the hour. If you have any comments questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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