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DRAGON RAJA Gameplay (Hour 1/2) • A Celebration, A Dragon and DEATH!

DRAGON RAJA Gameplay (Hour 1/2) • A Celebration, A Dragon and DEATH!

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#NowPlaying Dragon Raja and, in this #DragonRaja #Gameplay, I've already created a new character and had started my adventure. My graphics was set to SUPER LOW to increase performance because my old computer was having a hard time.

1:00 - Starting Area Quests

Almost all the quests in the starting area were simple meet and greet quests. Talk to a non-player character here and go to another non-player character there. I have no idea why these were even considered as quests.

3:40 - Sleigh Ride

This was a pre-rendered sequence of animated movie. My character and a non-player character rode a sleigh drawn or pulled by wolves. The sleigh ride didn't look good in my computer because of the super low graphics setting.

6:25 - Training Targets

This was not a meet and greet quests. I had to actually do something like hitting training targets. I was also surprised the game hadn't shown it's auto-battle feature.

12:15 - Got Asked To The Dance

I was asked by a non-player character to the upcoming dance. The NPC was named Vera.

17:50 - Playing The Guitar

I had to complete a series of objectives for a quest and one of the objectives was to play the guitar. I can't play a guitar in real life but in Dragon Raja I can and I'm good at it. LOL!

21:00 - Inside The Cave Was A Secret

In the cave, two non-player characters were conversing when, suddenly, a dragon appeared from the ground. There was also a sequence involving shooting one of the non-player characters with a gun.

26:30 - Battle In The Cave

A group of monster appeared out of nowhere and I had to fight them to survive. It was a simple battle, all I did was keep slashing the monsters until all of them were gone from my screen.

29:30 Attacked By Soldiers

When I got out of the cave, I saw a cutscene but skipped it and then I found myself getting attacked by uniformed soldiers called Evil Soldiers. The boss of the Evil Soldiers was named Soldier Captain.

31:40 - Students Killed

In the cutscene that followed, the students were being killed by the Evil Soldiers. I had to dispose of the Evil Soldiers using a weird looking power with a weird looking visual effects.

The cutscene continued with a battle sequence. It ended when the girl non-player character went down. She was saved by the non-player character named Z and I was teleported to somewhere I don't know.

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