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#NowPlaying Legends of Ultima and, in this #LegendsofUltima #Gameplay, I did the usual things like chopping down trees and selling wood for gold but I did do something different and that was, I bought a Giant Packed Beetle.

1:25 - Big Spider & Item Management

There was a big freaking pet spider near the bank or banker but, that did not stop me from managing my bank and inventory items. I had to move items around to organize them properly because if not then finding things is a nightmare.

4:55 - Sold Wood

The woodworker was my next destination and, when I got there, I sold all my wood to him and made 1,720 gp. I think I make more gold in Legends of Ultima than in Legends of Aria.

6:25 - Bought a Giant Pack Beetle

When I went back to the stable, I bought a Giant Pack Beetle from Orianna the Animal Trainer. The Giant Pack Beetle cost 2,400 gp. The Giant Pack Beetle is like the Pack Horse but only cheaper and looks weirder but works and performs the same function. I named my first Giant Pack Beetle, KABALYERO.INFO I.

8:40 - Chopping Trees Down

I spent most of the hour chopping down trees to harvest or gather wood. I did fight a few times but only for self-defense because there are creatures wandering the wilderness outside the city of Britain.

21:10 - Item Management

I would sometimes stop chopping down trees to move items from my main bag to my Pack Animals to remove the burden from my Avatar. Becoming over-weight will stop my Avatar from gathering more resources.

43:40 - Sold Wood

Selling wood is how I earn gold in Legends of Ultima. Once my bag and my pack animals were filled with wood, I would go back to town to sell them.  I made 1,626 gp on my first batch and 1,720 gp on my second batch of wood.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the hour chopping down trees and occasionally fighting off mobs. That was how I spent this hour of playing Legends of Ultima, a community server in Legends of Aria.

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