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DAGGERFALL UNITY Gameplay (Hour 3) ♥ Found a NAK3D LADY in Town!

DAGGERFALL UNITY Gameplay (Hour 3) ♥ Found a NAK3D LADY in Town!

#NowPlaying Daggerfall Unity and, in this #DaggerfallUnity #Gameplay, I searched for a gem store, accepted a few quests and completed one of them. I also found a lady with nothing on her except the light of the lamp and the fireplace.

3:20 - Rented A Room

I rented a room at The Dirty Goat inn for a day and rested for 4 hours. I was also trying to get information about Lady Brisienna but I couldn't find any except maybe a few general information about Lady Brisienna.

11:00 - Looked for a Gem Store

I asked one citizen about work and the citizen pointed me to Lady Andywyr's Jewelry Shop. I spent a good amount of time asking the people around about the location of the shop. Some of the people don't know and some were rude because I was a Nord.

26:30 - To Slay or To Ransom

At Lady Andywyr's Jewelry Shop, I got a quest to either get rid off or pay the takers a ransom for the character taken. I had 26 days to complete the quest.

30:20 - The Mage Guild

I entered a guild building and it was the Mage Guild building. I looked around the Mage Guild building and talked to some of the characters inside. I left the Mage Guild building without joining but I did get a quest before leaving.

37:00 - Left the City of Daggerfall

I left the city of Daggerfall and wandered or explored the wilderness. My wandering brought me to a small village called Copperfield Manor.

45:35 - Delivery Quest

I entered an inn and had a chat with the characters inside. One of the characters named Carolona Wickfield had a delivery quest. I accepted the quest to deliver something to another character in the same town.

48:45 - Bard, Rogue and Zombie

Outside, I fought with a hostile bard, a hostile rogue and a hostile zombie. All of which had items with them. I looted all the items, rested and healed in the inn and proceeded to complete the delivery quest.

1:02:10 - A NAK3D LADY

While checking the rooms of the inn, I found a lady wearing nothing in one of the rooms. She was sitting on the floor with nothing on her except maybe the light from the lamp and the fireplace. LOL!


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