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Valorant Low Client FPS Fix for Low End PC!

Valorant Low Client FPS Fix for Low End PC!

I have an old low end PC which means I shouldn't really play games like Valorant but, what can I do, I like the game and I enjoy playing it.

Even at the lowest graphics settings, the game would still lag and, once the game lags, I would then get this Low Client FPS message on the right top corner of my screen.

Fortunately, I was able to fix and remove the Low Client FPS message from appearing when I play by setting my graphics even lower.

I did it by editing the GameUserSettings.ini file found under this location in my computer.


What I did was, I changed all the number 3s under the ScalabilityGroups in the GameUserSettings.ini file as shown in the screenshot into either 0s or 1s.

I saved the edited GameUserSettings.ini file, closed it, run the game, played a match and the Low Client FPS stopped appearing on the right top corner of my screen.

Anyway, if you are getting the Low Client FPS message when you are playing on your old and low end pc then try editing your GameUserSettings.ini file and see if that will make it go away.

As for your game lag while playing, if it's caused by your internet connection then try using WTFast. Download it for FREE, install it and run it to activate your free trial.

So guys, did changing your GameUserSettings.ini file stopped the Low Client FPS from appearing in your game of Valorant? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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