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INFERNA Gameplay (Hour 2) • Quest Tracker and Quest Guide Arrows!

INFERNA Gameplay (Hour 2) • Quest Tracker and Quest Guide Arrows!

#NowPlaying Inferna and, in this #Inferna #Gameplay, I completed hunting missions and killed many wolves and foxes. Please note, the wolves and foxes I killed were not REAL but virtual or digital wolves and foxes found in the game.

1:00 Quest Tracker and Guide Arrows. I talked about the Quest Tracker and Guide Arrows because I did not notice them the last time I played. My thought was, they must be new things or new features added to the game since the last time I played.

2:20 Spoke with Hinju. The first quest listed in the Quest Tracker was titled New Arrival and the objective was to speak or talk to an NPC named Hinju in the town of Jerro.

3:20 Spoke with Shen Alchemist. Next part of the New Arrival quest was to speak or talk to an NPC named Shen who was an Alchemist and a Merchant selling potions. Shen gave me 15 Small Health Potions for FREE.

4:40 Dancing the Samba. I opened the Skills window to see if I have any skills but I ended up dancing the Samba. Skills and Emotes were in the same window separated by a tabs. I clicked on the Emotions tab, dragged the Samba on my toolbar and did some dancing.

5:30 Killed 6 Foxes. Speaking to Hinju, he wanted me to kill 6 foxes and this was still part of the New Arrival quest. It was an easy quest because the foxes were just infront of Hinju who was at the entrace / exit of the town of Jerro.

6:55 New Quest, The Hunt. The next quest was called The Hunt and I needed to speak with Matsui to start the quest. Matsui was located a little bit to the north of the town of Jerro in a little farm together with a couple of farmers.

13:00 Kill 15 Foxes. Met and spoke with Matsui. He gave me a quest and the quest was to kill 15 foxes. I had to travel back to the entrance of the town of Jerro to complete the quest because that was where the foxes were located.

21:05 Kill 8 Wolves. After killing 15 foxes, the next quest from Matsui was to kill 8 wolves. It was an easy quest and I completed it without any problems.

25:55 Kill 8 Hungry Wolves. Matsui was still not happy with killing 8 wolves because next quest was to hunt and kill 8 hungry wolves. Not just wolves bu hungry wolves.

27:55 Kill 12 Gray Foxes. This time, Matsui wanted 12 gray foxes killed after 8 hungry wolves were killed but there were so many wolves and foxes around.

29:25 Kill 14 Gray Wolves. After killing gray foxes, Matsui gave me a quest to kill 14 gray wolves next.

31:50 Kill 15 Hungry Boars. The next hunting quest from Matsui was to kill 15 hungry boars but I held off doing the quest. I spent a few minutes grinding for experience points.

38:25 A Better Weapon. I stopped my grinding and decided to do the A Better Weapon quest and the objective was to speak to Bonhai Smith. After that, Bonhai asked me to collect Fox Hides. So, I went out of town and killed foxes for fox hides.

41:45 Talk to Zhang. After collecting all the fox hides, Bonhai told me to get my weapon from Zhang, a weapon's merchant and the weapon that I got was a Simple Sword +3 which was a one-handed sword but it was +3.

46:30 Upgrading My Long Sword. I went back to Bonhai the smith and upgraded my long sword. Upgrading cost money and materials but I was able to upgrade my long sword to long sword +3.

47:40 Lunch Delivery Mishap. Xin Qiang asked me to deliver lunch to Jou, a farmer located just a little bit north of the town of Jerro where Matsui was located. This was a simple delivery quest.

51:50 Retrieve Bracelet. Delivering the lunch to Jou did not complete the quest because a new objective appeared. This time, I had to retrieve a bracelet from the wolves. So, I went and killed a bunch of wolves.

56:55 Spoke with Xia Qiang. To complete the delivery quest, I went back to the town of Jerro and spoke or talked to Xia Qiang who rewarded me with an Iron Chestplate +1 and 200 experience points.

58:05 Level 5 Reward. Next, I looked from Furgas to receive my level 5 reward, whatever it was. LOL! I also messed up and accidentally reset my skills which cost me 10,000 gold.

Anyway, that's where my hour 2 gameplay of Inferna ended.

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