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#NowPlaying #PathfinderOnder and, in this Pathfinder Online #Gameplay, I created a new character and played for 30 minutes because I suddenly felt tired for some reason. I felt so tired that I missed the actual launch of Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon.

At 1:20, I talked to a glowing NPC named Isaja Fannell and she had a quest involving the Movement Tutorial. She taught me how to move with the WASD keys, run with the CTRL key and fight the Training Dummy.

At 4:00, there was another glowing NPC and he had a quest called Finding Your Path. He told me to learn how to move and asked me to kill ONE goblin. I spent a few minutes just running around looking for goblins.

At 7:45, I found TWO goblins and I tried fighting both of them but, for some reason, I couldn't strike back and DIED. I revived back at the camp and started to look for the goblins again.

At 11:45, I found the two goblins and attacked them but, this time, I was able to pull out my weapon and kill one of the goblins to complete the quest. I almost died again fighting the goblins and discovered a camp when I was looking for a way back to the starting camp.

At 15:00, I got a new objective under the Find Your Path quest and that was to complete a series of Role Tutorials.

At 17:10, using the map, I found a Role Tutorial and followed the arrow to get there. The role tutorial was for a Fighter. I got an armor and weapon from the a chest at the camp and purchased the Heavy Armor Proficiency skill from an NPC named Benken Kado.

At 23:20, the next objective for the Fighter Tutorial was to Kill 5 Mercenaries and, just like with the goblins, I spent a lot of time looking for them. I ended the gameplay without finding a single mercenary to kill.

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