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#NowPlaying DAGGERFALL UNITY and in this #DaggerfallUnity #Gameplay, I learned how to rest and continued wandering inside the starting dungeon until I finally escaped. Inside the starting dungeon, I fought rats, bats, thieves, skeletons and even bears.

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1:20 - A Grizzly Bear

I was at the throne room of the starting dungeon and, when I opened one of the doors, a grizzly bear came out and attacked me. I had to fight back to defend myself and took out the grizzly bear.

4:25 - An Archer Appeared

In one hallway, I fought a shirtless character and won. The character was a non-player character and it was an archer. The character dropped good items like the round shield and steel left pauldron.

6:25 - Attacked From Behind

I thought I got hit by a trapped when I tried to entered this empty room but, in reality, I was attacked by another shirtless archer. I fought it and won and even got better items from it like a steel saber and helm.

8:00 - The Exit

I found the starting dungeon exit but I did not know it was the exit to the dungeon. I thought it was just another big room with wild creatures fighting each other. I left the room and wandered another 15 minutes just to get back to this place.

9:00 - Fought a Skeleton

A skeleton was wandering in one of the empty hallways and I had to fight it when I encountered it because it was super aggressive like everything else in the starting dungeon.

11:10 - Dungeon Map

Daggerfall Unity has a very detailed looking dungeon map in 3D. You can zoom in, zoom out, turn it around and even pan it left to right, up and down. It was great.

16:35 - Hidden Treasures

I accidentally activated a mechanism and it made one of the shelves to turn revealing some hidden treasures. I got a pair of steel boots, short skirt, steel tanto, common symbol and unicord horn.

21:40 - Lever Next to the Throne

I kept wandering around blindly looking for the exit which I already found earlier when I discovered a level next to the throne. The level when activated made the throne go up and down. I jumped on the platform where the throne was and used the lever to go up.

23:25 - Found the EXIT

After fighting the remaining bat in the room, it only took me a few seconds to find the exit door of the starting dungeon. I used the door to exit and fast traveled to the city of Daggerfall.

26:15 - Arrived at Daggerfall

I finally arrived at the city of Daggerfall. When I got there, I received a message from a courier and read a very long Tutorial text. I also spoke with a few people but did not get any good information from them.

33:20 - The Wandering Knight

I've seen this guy in Skyrim. It seems he has been wandering all over the place for a very long time. WOW!

34:50 - General Store

I found a general store, entered it and sold some items I was not using to free up space in my inventory.

38:00 - The Search for The Dirty Goat Begins

So, I read the message from Lady Brisienna of Magnessen and I had to find where she was staying. She was staying at an inn called The Dirty Goat. I checked a lot of inn but, when I found the Dirty Goat, Lady Magnessen was not there anymore. Did I missed her or was there another Dirty Goat inn?

48:25 - The Dirty Goat Inn

At the Dirty Goat inn, I tried asking the people in the inn but they were very RUDE and unfriendly. It seems they don't like Nords or the people from Skyrim. I checked all the rooms in the Dirty Goat inn but did not find Lady Brisienne.

55:05 - Racism in The Elderscolls 2 Daggerfall

The people of Daggerfall hate Nords. The bar and inn keeper of The Dirty Goat even said, "I despise your kind. Just go away!"

1:01:55 - Blacksmith

I found a blacksmith store but the blacksmith was as rude as everyone else in the city of Daggerfall. They just hate Nords. I did sell items I was not using before leaving the blacksmith.

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