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SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! NEW START (Hour 1) The Farm and Exploring the WORLD!

SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! NEW START (Hour 1) The Farm and Exploring the WORLD!

In this Skyrim 2020 gameplay, I started the game again for the NTH time. Using the Skyrim Mod, Alternate Start - Live Another Life, I started as a farmer with a farm somewhere near the town of Rorikstead.

Thanks to another Skyrim Mod called Dragon Carved Armor which I got from NexusMods, I or my character was wearing a very, very beautiful looking armor. Unfortunately, I did not craft it because I wanted it immediately and I used another Skyrim Mod called AddItem Menu to accomplish that.

When I got out of the world, I mostly spent the hour just wandering around and exploring the immediate area around Rorikstead. I discovered a few places which I will use as teleport markers as I continue to play the game.

I have also not started the actual story of the game, I'm thinking of getting a few more levels before starting the actual story and I will do that by exploring the wilderness of Skyrim.

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