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Well, it seems that Skyrim Together has a Trojan Virus. You see, I recently installed Skyrim Together using the Harbor launcher that I downloaded from the link provided by the Skyrim Together Official Guide to Getting Started document.

After installing and launching the Harbor launcher, I clicked on the Install button on the launcher and it downloaded Skyrim Together to my Skyrim installation folder in STEAM.

When it finished downloading, my Anti-Virus became active and displayed a message about a virus infected file. Looking at my Anti-Virus history, the infected file was called st_loader.exe which was downloaded by the Harbor launcher for Skyrim Together.

As you can see from the screenshot, the detected virus was a Trojan virus called Trojan:Win32/Bomitag.D!ml. My Anti-Virus quarantined the file and recommended removing it immediately which I did.

I uninstalled the Harbor Launcher and deleted all the files downloaded by the launcher for Skyrim Together. I also restarted my computer as required by my Anti-Virus to complete the removal of the Trojan virus.

Anyway, I had no idea why there was a Trojan virus attached to a file for Skyrim Together but I'm not going to risk getting infected by running Skyrim Together on my computer.

So guys, have any of you tried playing Skyrim Together? If you have then did your Anti-Virus warned you of a virus infection? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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