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AUTERIA Gameplay (Hour 1) LISA, Hometown, Talking Cats & Grinding!

AUTERIA Gameplay (Hour 1) LISA, Hometown, Talking Cats & Grinding!

In this Auteria gameplay, I spent an hour playing Auteria for the first time. I started by speaking with Lisa and completed all her quest. Lisa's quests included visiting the Healing Area and the Storage Area.

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I also got a quest to find the path to Phirston but, while checking out some water splashing on a couple of coconut trees, I was teleported to the town of Phirston instantly. I was surprised when it happened and believed it was some kind of bug.

Because I had a quest, I went back to Hometown from Phirston to complete the quest. On the way back, I was greeted by a lot of mice. They were everywhere. I completed the quest when I got back and received a new quest from a talking cat.

There were a few cats along the way to Phirston and I encountered them all. I also completed their quest until I eventually run out of quests to do. There were available quests in the system but I don't know where to find them.

So, I went back to Hometown and started killing mobs like mice and little beasts to level up my combat skills and rank. At the end of the hour, my rank was 3 and had an attack level of 2 and a defense level of 1.

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