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In this Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) gameplay, I started by taking out my pack horse from the animal trainer and it cost me 240 gp to take him out. I then went back in town, Britain, to sell the logs I have in my bag. Selling my logs to the woodworker gave 890 gp.

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After selling my logs, I went back to chopping down trees to skill up my lumberjack skills. There were red players riding around outside of Britain and I was attacked by a young harpy. Fighting the young harpy trained my swordsmanship, anatomy and tactics skills.

Worried about red players riding around, I tried to move away from the area because, if my guess is correct, red players are player killers and I don't want to become their next victim. I'm just a simple lumberjack, making a living in Britain gathering logs to sell.

While chopping down trees in the dark, a snake appeared out nowhere, got a bite and I was poisoned. I killed the snake, applied bandage to restore my health and went back to chopping down trees.

When I got over encumbered, I transferred some items from my bag to my pack horse's saddle bag. After that, I went back to Britain to buy a new hachet because the one I was using was about to break.

To buy a new hachet, I went to the tinker and bought two new hachets. After the purchase, I went to the woodworker to sell all the logs my pack horse was carrying. The received 1,660 gp from selling my logs.

I did some inventory management and went back out of Britain to continue gathering logs by chopping down trees. My old hachet eventually broke and disappeared from existence. I just replaced it with one of the new hachets that I bought from the tinker.

Back in the woods and while I was busy chopping down a tree, a message saying my Young Status had ended appeared which means I'm no longer protected from the evils of the world of Legends of Ultima.

I met Lorenzo the Healer, again I think. I think I met him before but my memory is sketchy. I then encountered a snake and a lesser mongbat. I got a buckler from the mongbat and went to attack a weak boggling.

At this stage, I was fought harpies, snakes, mongbats and bogglings. Fighting them was actually good because it was training my combat skills. I'm not just a lumberjack, I'm a fighting lumberjack. LOL!

Somewhere at the 9 minute mark of the gameplay, I got stuck and couldn't move. I guess, I encountered a bug. I got unstuck by using the unstuck feature but it was not instant. I had to wait 1 minute before I got unstuck.

I also added the parry skill in my favorite and monitored or tracked skill. It seems it was also training while I was fighting mobs and training it would improve my blocking. I guess, it got trained when I started using a buckler.

Noticing my hunger was peckish, I ate bread until I was full. A message also appeared saying the Power Hour ended and it was followed by the chirping of the birds which means the hour is over.

So, I went back to town, Britain, and sold my logs and received 1,405 gp for the first batch, 1000 gp for the second batch and 1,040 gp for the last batch. I went to the bank and stored all the items I was not using. Also, my total money was 10,000 gp.

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